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Influenced by mid-century modern art and design, Katie’s work is a perfect melding of her formal training in design and special skills as an illustrator. Defined by flat color, a limited palette, and distinctive patterns, each thoughtfully composed image is clean, sophisticated, and modern. Katie derives influence from such artists as Jim Flora, Shag, Mary Blair, Kirsten Ulve, and Laurie Rosenwald. Katie says about her work: “My art is unique because it is created out of love, joy, and passion. I strive to be light in the all too often dark world of art.” Katie has experienced much success considering her relatively short time in the field of illustration. Her work has been recognized with numerous design competition awards, and she was recently accepted into the online new talent gallery for 3×3 Magazine magazine of contemporary illustration. Her most high-profile client to date is Hallmark Inc., for which she has done greeting card work. Katie’s illustration juices flow into the world from her home studio space. She lives in the Bismarck, North Dakota area with her husband, Garrett, who works as an Art Director for an Ad Agency. They share their home with their lovely beta fish, Squirt.